Baggage Allowance
Airline Airline Code Checked Baggage Hand Baggage Child Allowance First/ Business Frequent Flyer Excess Charge Airline Page
Aer lingus EI 23KG(115cm) 10KG(115cm) 10KG 32KG(158cm) ₤ 6/12 per extra KG Aer Lingus
Air Canada AC 23kg (158cm) 10kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 96kg (158cm) 96kg (158cm) 1st bag $100, 2nd $70, 3rd + $225 Air Canada
Air China CA 20kg (cm) 5kg (115cm) 10kg (cm) 40kg/30kg Extra 20-30kg 1.5% of fare per kg Air China
Air Europa UX 23kg 10 kg 23kg 46kg 60 € Air Europa
Air France AF 23kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 10kg 96kg/64kg (158cm) Extra 32kg 72/200 $ or € Air France
Air India AI 20kg (272cm) 8kg (115cm) 10kg (114cm) 40kg/30kg (272cm) 1.5% of fare per kg Air India
Air Malta KM 20kg 8kg (113cm) 10kg 30kg Buy excess voucher online Air Malta
Air Mauritius MK 23kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 32kg 100 $ or € Air Mauritius
Air New Zealand NZ 23kg 7kg (118cm) 69kg/46kg Extra 23kg ₤35 Air New Zealand
Air Seychelles HM 23kg 7kg 23kg 30kg ₤11/15 Air Seychelles
Alitalia AZ 23kg 8kg 23kg 64kg/46kg Extra 23kg/32kg 55/75 € Alitalia
All Nippon Airways NH 20kg (158cm) 10kg (115cm) 20kg (128cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 3000 - 30000 Yen All Nippon Airways
American Airlines AA 23kg (157cm) 114cm 23kg (114cm) 69kg (157cm) 46kg (157cm) $60 American Airlines
Austrian Airlines OS 23kg (158cm) 8kg 23kg (158cm) Extra 23kg (158cm) 46kg 15 € per kg Austrian Airlines
British Airways BA 23kg (208cm) 23kg (126cm) 23kg 96kg/46kg 64kg ₤40 British Airways
Brussels Airlines SN 23kg (158cm) 6-16kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 32kg(158cm) 50 - 100 € Brussels Airlines
Caribbean Airlines BW 2 x 23kg (157cm) 10kg (114cm) 2 x 23kg (157cm) 2 x 32kg (157cm) $75 - 225 Caribbean Airlines
Cathay Pacific CX 20kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg 40kg/30kg Extra 10-20kg $60 Cathay Pacific
China Airlines CI 20kg (115cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg (115cm) 40kg/30kg Extra 10kg/20kg $32 China Airlines
China Eastern MU 20kg (200cm) 5kg (115cm) 10kg (200cm) 40kg/30kg Call 0121 281 3380 China Eastern
Cyprus Airways CY 20kg (208cm) 8kg (118cm) 10kg 30/35/40kg 25kg 7 € per kilo Cyprus Airways
Czech Airlines OK 20kg (208cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 46kg (158cm) Extra 23kg 55 - 200 € Czech Airlines
Delta Airlines DL 23kg (157cm) 115cm 10kg 96kg/64kg 64kg $200 per bag Delta Airlines
Emirates EK 30kg (158cm) 7kg (113cm) 23kg (115cm) 50kg/40kg ₤25 per kg Emirates
Estonian Air OV 23kg (158cm) 8kg (126cm) 64kg (158cm) 40 - 300 € Estonian Air
Ethiopian Airlines ET 23kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg 32kg (158cm) Extra 15kg/20kg 1.5% of fare per kg Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways EY 23kg (197cm) 7kg (115cm) 23kg (207cm) 40kg/30kg 40-55kg $20 - 45 Etihad Airways
Eva Air BR 20kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg (115cm) 30kg 25kg 1.5% of fare per kg Eva Air
Finnair AY 23kg (158cm) 8kg/10kg (126cm) 23kg 46kg (158cm) Extra 23kg 28/40 € Finnair
Flybe BE 40kg (charged) 10kg (108cm) 40kg (free) ₤12/15/20 per kg Flybe
Gulf Air GF 30kg 6kg (125cm) 30kg 40kg Extra 15-20kg $20 - 50 per kg Gulf Air
Iberia IB 23kg (157cm) 114cm 69kg (157cm) $60 - 200 per bag  Iberia
Icelandair FI 20kg (158cm) 6kg (115cm) 10kg 30kg (158cm) 55 - 93 € per bag Icelandair
JAL JL 2 x 23kg (203cm) 10kg (115cm) 2 x 23kg 3 x 32kg (203cm) $60 - 450 per bag JAL
Jet Airways 9W 28kg/32kg/2 x 23kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg 3 x 23kg (158cm) ₤40/55/90/105 Jet Airways
Kenya Airways KQ 46kg 10kg 30kg 69kg (158cm) $100 - 200 per bag Kenya Airways
KLM KL 23kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 10kg 64kg (158cm) 46kg/64kg (158cm) 55 - 300 € per bag KLM
Korean Air KE 20kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 20kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 1.5% of fare per kg Korean Air
Kuwait Airways KU 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 20kg 40kg/30kg (158cm) 30kg No info supplied Kuwait Airways
LOT Polish Air LO 20kg (158cm) 6kg/9kg (118cm) 10kg 30kg (158cm) 40 - 115 € per bag LOT Polish Air
Lufthansa LH 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 64-128kg (158cm) 46-96kg (158cm) 50 - 750 € per bag Lufthansa
Luxair LG 20kg 7kg 20kg 30kg 40kg 10 € per kg Luxair
Malaysia Airlines MH 20kg 5kg 10kg (115cm) 30kg 40kg 1.5% of fare per kg Malaysia Airlines
Monarch ZB 20kg 10kg (126cm) 30kg 30kg ₤7.50/10.00 per kg Monarch
Oman Air WY 30kg 7kg (115cm) 50kg/40kg No info supplied Oman Air
Qantas QF 23kg 7kg (115cm) 23kg 40kg/32kg 32-64kg $50 - 1225 per bag Qantas
Qatar Airways QR 23kg (158cm) 7kg (112cm) 23kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) Call 0870 389 8090 Qatar Airways
Royal Brunei Airlines BI 20kg 7kg (113cm) 30kg ₤20 - 47 per kilo Royal Brunei Airlines
Royal Jordanian Airlines RJ 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 20kg (158cm) 30kg (158cm) Extra 10kg $100 - 400 per bag Royal Jordanian Airlines
SAS SK 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 64kg (158cm) 20 - 180 € per bag SAS
Singapore Airlines SQ 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg 40kg/30kg (158cm) Double allowance $50 - 60 per kg Singapore Airlines
South African Airways SA 23kg 8kg (115cm) 23kg 40kg/30kg 10/20/30kg extra 1.5% of fare per kg South African Airways
SriLankan Airlines UL 32kg 7kg (102cm) 32kg No info supplied SriLankan Airlines
Swiss LX 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 15 - 30 € per kg Swiss
TAP Portugal TP 20kg 6kg (115cm) 30kg 15-20kg ₤15 - 20 per kg TAP Portugal
Thai Airways TG 20kg 7kg (115cm) 20kg 40kg/30kg Extra 10kg/20kg No info supplied Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines TK 23kg (158cm) 8kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 32kg (273cm) 10 - 25 € per kg Turkish Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines PS 20kg (158cm) 20kg 40kg (158cm) ₤130/260 per bag 100 - 250 € per bag Ukraine International Airlines
United Airlines UA 23kg (157cm) 114cm 46kg (157cm) 96kg (157cm) ₤130/260 per bag United Airlines
US Airways US 1 piece 23kg (114cm) 2 pieces 2nd bag $70, 3rd bag + $200 US Airways
Virgin Atlantic VS 23kg (208cm) 6kg (115cm) 23kg (208cm) 96kg/46kg (208cm) Extra 23kg (208cm) ₤30-90 per bag Virgin Atlantic
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