Eritrea is a country that is approximately the same size as England. The flights to Eritrea from Air Africa open the door for a land that is hugely varied from one area to another due to its diverse topography. The assorted landscapes of Eritrea include the central and southern highlands, the western lower lands and coastlines, the Sahel biogeographic zone in the northern end, the pristine archipelago formed on the west and much more. It is commonly defined that Eritrea is among the off-the-beaten-track tourism destinations that is veiled from the usual list of places to visit in Africa. However tourists who really want to explore destinations that are less visited by the majority can take Eritrea into consideration.
Asmara (ASM), the capital city of Eritrea is located in the heart of the country at a height of 2,325 metres from the sea level. Cheap flights to Asmara allows you to explore the city that is home for various medieval colonial ruins and architectural marvels that predominantly portray the city as an Italian built colony. However the history of the city dates back to 700 years. In the language of Tigrinya, an Afro-asiatic language, the meaning of Arbaete Asmara is the four are united. The history behind the name of Asmara is that the women of the four clans who lived in the Asmara area united their men against bandits who preyed on the area many years back. Visit Asmara with Air Africa and be entitled to the best airfare deals and cheap flight tickets which provide you absolutely an amazing Italian flavoured experience outside of Italy. Many shops in Asmara still bear the Italian names and even the town is known as Piccola Roma which means little Rome.
In contrast to Asmara, the city of Massawa (MSW) is located in the lower lands along the shoreline of Red Sea. The cheap flights to Massawa from Air Africa take you to the previous capital city of the Italian Colony until 1897. This seaside city is the beginning point en route to the Dahlak Archipelago, one of worlds less holidayed coral reef destinations, that is home to diverse marine life.
Our cost-effective flights also take you to Assab (ASA) another coastal city that is nourished by the Red Sea. This city is famous for large markets, extraordinary nightlife and sunny beaches.
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